Grey Knights Purgation Squad Tactics

Today's post is on tactics for the Grey Knights Purgation Squads. These guys are the power armoured specialists in handling the superior weaponry available to the Grey Knights like the mighty Psycanon and the heretic cleansing Incinerator. Today we're going to look at the best tactics and weapon load outs available to deliver these Grey Knights heavy weapon teams into the all important weapon range without getting them so close that your enemy can engage them in close combat.

So the Grey Knights Purgation Squads come equipped as standard in the same way as their brothers in the Grey Knight Strike Squads with a Nemesis Force Sword and Stormbolter along with Frag, Krak and Psyk-out Grenades. However the Grey Knights Purgation Squads have their own unique Psychic Power, in addition to Hammerhand the squad can elect to cast Astral Aim allowing the squad to fire their weapons upon any target within range of their weapons without the need for line of sight, ok so this does convey a 4+ cover save, but this can't be modified meaning your enemy's pitiful attempt to go to ground doesn't convey a +1 to this save but also if your squad are using holy fire to purge your enemies this will convey no cover save at all!!

Now lets look at the optional extras you can give your Grey Knights Purgation Squad and then move onto some suitable tactics and loadouts:

Options available:
May take up to 5 additional Grey Knights - Great for protecting your precious Psycanons!
Up to 4 Grey Knights may replace their Storm Bolter AND Nemesis Force Sword with 1 of the following:
Incinerator - Definitely worth it for free!
Psilencer - Probably not!
Psycanon - A must if you want to deal supreme damage...go big or go home!
Any model may replace his Nemesis Force Sword with 1 of the following:
Nemesis Force Halberd - Handy if your worried about getting stuck in Combat.
Nemesis Daemon Hammer - Great for bashing the big Gribbles!
A Pair of Nemesis Force Falchions - had the potential to be amazing but now too pricey and only really good for wound allocation.
1 Grey Knight may replace his Nemesis Force Sword with a Nemesis Warding Stave - far too pricey for a single model...especially in a squad more geared towards shooting.
The entire squad may take Psybolt ammo - Not bad if your taking a full 10 man squad or not upgrading to a full compliment of heavy weapons.
The Justicar may Master-Craft any of his weapons - Not bad if you have the points spare and he has a Psycanon!
The Justicar may take a Teleport Homer - handy if you're using these guys to burn up the enemy and then bring in your squads to mop up but risky really as they ideally want to be away from the battle and shoot from distance.

So there we have the pros and cons to all the available options for your Grey Knights Purgation Squad, now lets look at of the best loadouts for your squads to make them as competitive as they can be:

Grey Knights Purgation Squad 1: 180pts
5 Grey Knights
4 Psycanons

Use this heavily armoured but small squad in conjunction with the Grey Knights Razorback with the devastating Psybolt ammo loaded assault cannon and use this to light the skies of your enemies with the righteous zeal of the Emporer.

Grey Knights Purgation Squad 2: 220pts
10 Grey Knights
4 Incinerators
5 Halberds
1 Daemon hammer

Take these guys in the Rhino and steam them at the enemy preferably in a twin spearhead using them to jump out and flame anything by hiding behind their armoured transport and using Astral Aim to incinerate your foes, using your halberds to mop up and the Nemesis Daemon hammer to take out any big nasties that may be in your way.

So that in a nutshell is the Grey Knights Purgation Squad the weaponry these guys can wield is truly formidable in the 40k universe but what makes these marines truly formidable is the sheer number they can wield in their basic squad numbers, using these guys as your heavy support in a Rhino Rush list or bringing up the rear whilst your Grey Knights Strike or Grey Knights Interceptor Squads rush forward towards your enemy to deal out the bloody justice of the Emperor

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