Painting Grey Knights Classic Colour Scheme

Getting that classic Grey Knights colour scheme of a blue glow over a glorious shiny silver armour has always been daunting for some people but you really shouldn't convince yourself you're not skilled enough to attempt such a scheme...Agravain here and my first post for Grey Knights of Titan is going to show you that everyone has the ability to paint like the pros.

Now since the release of the new Grey Knights codex there have been a lot of alternative colour schemes popping up for the Grey Knights but I've got to admit I've always loved that traditional silver blue glow on my power armour, well today I'm going to show you a great way to paint that classic scheme we've all come to love from the Grey Knights

1 - To start with paint all the metal areas with Boltgun metal

2 - paint all the armour with Asurmen Blue wash which shouldn't be water down, this helps to create a better sense of depth

3 - Once this has dried paint over all the raised areas with bolt gun metal, leaving the wash showing around the edges of bolts and in all the gaps

4 - Start highlighting by mixing a small amount of mithril silver with boltgun metal approximately a 2:1 mix painting along of the edges of the armour, if you look at the picture you will hardly see a difference.

5 - Continue the highlighting process by adding a little more Mithril Silver to the mix each time, for the highlights themselves concentrate on your corners, paint a little less of the corner each time and repeat this process 4 times before moving on to a final stage of pure Mithril silver

6 - Finally I paint over all the armour with a very heavily watered down Asurmen Blue (basically more water than ink), I have found its best not to just walk off and leave it to dry otherwise it can go abit streaky, if it does its not a major issue, you can simply paint over the effected area with boltgun metal and redo the wash if you wish.

So there you go guys...perhaps not the simplest of schemes but give it a try for that little bit of extra effort you put in will pay out dividends...stay tuned soon for some more tutorials including getting those you power armour to have glowing eyes and how to paint your Nemesis Force Weapons to help make your Grey Knights above the average tabletop standard...until next time Agravain out

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