Grey Knights Librarian Tactics

So the Grey Knights Librarian is the only model with access to the full range of psychic awesomeness of the Grey Knights along with a couple of other titbits that our new codex has to offer.

So lets look at the librarian's options and discuss which of his psychic powers are best to take if you're looking to give competitive players a run for their money or just want to try something a little different with your friends over a beer...

Upgrade to mastery level 3 - Costly...perhaps a bit too costly unless your casting a lot of psychic powers per turn.
Replace Nemesis Force Sword with 1 of the following:
Nemesis Force Halberd - Great 40k weapon...after all good offence is the best form of defence and striking first is always a good way to start that process.
Nemesis Daemonhammer - Risky unless you are taking more than one hammer as you don't want to lose your only hammer to Perils of the Warp.
Pair of Nemesis Falchions -  Unfortunately not worth the points cost for just 1 extra attack.
Nemesis Warding Stave - Highly expensive upgrade but could be handy in close combat as a method of dissuading your opponent to single you out in close combat.
May take any of the following:
Psybolt ammunition - Take this if your're putting the Librarian in a squad who also have Psybolt Ammunition.
Digital Weapons - Not a bad little option to take if you want a better chance of wounding.
Empyrean Brain Mines - Great against high strength, low initiative independent characters or aiming for models armed with Powerfists.
Teleport Homer - Take this if the Librarian is going to be getting up in your opponents face while the rest of your army is Deep Striking around him for support.
May take up to 3 Servo-skulls - Great if you're going to Deep Strike in whilst keeping the Librarian back or going to summon vehicles.
May make any of he weapons Master Crafted - As with Digital Weapons but for a re-roll to hit instead.

Now lets look at those psychic powers and their effects in a bit more detail:

Same ability as all the other Grey Knights, however now that this ability can stack it became just a little bit more awesome.

Dark Excommunication:
Far too specialised for competitive gaming...great if you're going against an army with Daemonic Gifts but otherwise worthless.

Might Of Titan:
A real must have power, not only does it convey the same +1 strength as Hammerhand but also gives an extra d6 armour penetration, along with the fact it can be cast on units within 6" rather than just on the squad the caster is in.

Fantastic against high initiative armies and very handy if you're going against Lash Whips to make sure you're not taking too much damage before you get to unload your attacks back.

There really aren't that many units you don't mind charging you, again it's best to prepare for attack by casting Might Of Titan and Hammerhand rather than trying to dissuade your opponent from charging.

The Shrouding:
Great for protecting your forces against those low AP, high Strength, blast weaponry making your army a little safer.

On the face of it not a bad little power but the lack of range and amount of shots means that you're unlikely to kill anything of major importance before charging...perhaps not a bad idea to use if your shooting has been sub par.

The Summoning:
Great power if you're going to keep your opponent on his toes...particularly handy if your enemy is out flanking close to your Librarian and he needs support or if you have units stranded with nothing to kill, for example, you suffered a deep strike mishap or your army has marched through and killed 1 of your enemy's flanks and needs to get to the other quickly

Vortex Of Doom:
Great high strength low AP power but has the highest risk as if you fail your psychic test it still casts but the Librarian's squad is guaranteed to take at least one hit as the blast template stays on your Librarian and does not scatter.

Warp Rift:
Similar to the Space Wolves 'Jaws of the world wolf' power, however differing in the 2 ways...the range is greatly decreased as it becomes a flamer template weapon, however by making it a flamer template power you have a better opportunity to force 1 squad to make more initiative tests rather than several squads making maybe 1 - 2.

So there we have the Grey Knights Librarian and his options, personally I feel that the best psychic powers for competitive play are the following:
Might Of Titan, Quicksilver, The Shrouding and The Summoning.
The reasons behind this are that they provide the most effective ability to keep your Grey Knights protected when not in combat whilst boosting their inherent ability to kick some Xenos butt when in combat.

I'd love to say take Vortex of Doom and for a laugh one day I'm sure I will but I just know that the first time I use it I'll fail my psychic test and blow my Librarian to the other side of the Imperium!

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