Blog Wars...Epilogue

Well we're back from Blog Wars and I feel that a great time was had by all, I really want to thank Alex for his hard work organising the tournament and the guys at Maelstrom Games for supplying (as always) a great venue.

I really want to thank all my opponents on the day, I had some really fun games and while I may not have won (Nearly! but I'll explain that on the battle reports later this week) myself and Adam went in the spirit of this being a friendly tournament and played in the spirit of the game. Kudos to the guys who also came and played in the spirit of the game and didn't go all out competitive in a bid to win.

So I think it's safe to say that the Paladin Wing let by Draigo was the surprise of the tournament for the majority of people...couldn't quite get over the number of people saying things along the lines of "21 models...good luck" or "That's the smallest list in the tournament" however the proof is in the pudding and as you can see in the standings I just pipped Adam from the Space Wolves blog to the post with 2 wins and a loss to his win and 2 draws.

I'm really impressed with how the Paladins played and held their own against my opponents, I definitely think the low model count sucked some people into believing that the army would be quite a walk over to take out though which was definitely an advantage this army conveys.

Considering before the tournament I had only played 3 games with the Paladins I don't feel that I had done anything drastically wrong with regards to tactics and perhaps with further practice (and further battle reports for you guys) this list going to perhaps become an even tougher force for people to face...