Blog Wars Challenge

Ok guys, I'm sure many of you know Adam from the Space Wolves Blog...well a challenge (or gentleman's wager) has been issued by him for me to get my Grey Knights army built and painted into a 1750pt army in time for Blog Wars on June 5th.

This Gives me just under 3 weeks to turn at least 6 boxes of Grey Knight Terminators (that's what I have at the moment...more to order once I've finalised my army list) into a playable army. At the moment I have 1 squad built and magnetised, however this still leaves me a minimum of 25 Terminators left to build and magnetise then paining all 30 and that doesn't even include my HQ choices etc!!

Was this a foolhardy wager to probably but Adam is a man of his word and I want to be kept in beer for the weekend so I've got to at least attempt it!

Now you guys I promise won't be neglected over the next 3 weeks, in fact I hope that you're going to come along for the ride as I post as much as I can about the Blog Wars Challenge regarding my army list selection, unit building, paint schemes and magnetising of my Grey Knights right up to their completion on June 4th...I hope.

Anyway readers wish me luck and hopefully you enjoy reading the Blog Wars Challenge posts as I enjoy the beer when I complete it...after all failure is not an option...!